Charlotte's got a lot, but it needs a new slogan

Can Charlotte improve on this slogan?
Can Charlotte improve on this slogan?

This is harder than you might think.

It's time to retire our tourism slogan, "Charlotte's Got A Lot." It's time for something new to magnetize the town.

I've been struggling. Paris or Key West might be easier. But here are a few suggestions:

Not as boring as Raleigh.

Where Kemba Walker watches the NBA playoffs.

Building a better airport since 1983.

Only hours from everything!

You can drive south from the city without getting stuck on a stupid tollway.

Where America comes to build apartments.

See our TV forecasters go apoplectic about thunderstorms.

Make yourself at home. Toss your bike anywhere.

No medical or law schools to mar your view.

We have several nice parks.

Frequent trains to the airport (freights).

Site of a really big convention in 2012.

Where the traffic barrel was invented.

Not flat like Indianapolis and easier to spell than Cincinnati.

Three PBS stations, and we don't watch any of them.

Poke around - it's possible there's still some gold somewhere.

Our taxes are so low we can't afford to build highways.

Convenient to historic Salisbury.

You see what we're up against here.

Fact is, we're a nice place, but nothing spectacular. Bombastic Atlanta is a like sparkling painted lady. We're like her sweet little sister who sells Mary Kay.

Charlotte's got a little - of everything. We're low hassle, high satisfaction. We've got good museums for everything from aviation to stock cars, a dynamic core, pro teams that break our loyal hearts and we get just a little bigger and better each day. Progress has always been the biggest word in our lexicon.

So, maybe this:

"Four stars." - Goldilocks.

Mark Washburn: mwashburn76@gmail.com.