Letters to the Editor

Ballantyne has been an economic catalyst. Now it needs more.

Ballantyne needs parks and more

Regarding “Ballantyne revamp ‘long overdue’ as it seeks to attract big companies and millennials” (June 10):

As a resident of Ballantyne since its inception, I have been amazed by how an area that started as farmland has evolved into an economic catalyst for the region.

Ray Eschert.jpg
Ray Eschert

Northwood’s vision aligns with what Ballantyne needs — more arts, culture, unique dining and retail venues, an entertainment pavilion, as well as a greenway connection and the equivalency of five to seven parks greater in size than Romare Bearden Park and one park almost four times its size.

We won’t need to travel far for these crucial lifestyle components.

I look forward to learning more about plans to address infrastructure needs and transportation options as the project evolves.

Ray Eschert, Charlotte

Treat Eastland like other developments

It seems that almost every week we read about a new mixed-use development that is “an opportunity to create vibrant, walkable activity.”

Deet Gilbert.jpg
Deet Gilbert

We see these developments all over our area that are successful ventures, exceeding expectations. And yet, the Eastland Mall site has been an empty eyesore for years.

We have seen rapid development along Monroe Road, where there is no light rail, met with success.

Why can’t the Eastland Mall site be used this same way? It makes zero sense to turn it into a “destination sport complex” that would only congest traffic.

All the other developments are designed for people to “eat, work, play.” Why not Eastland?

Deet Gilbert, Charlotte

Too many are getting entitlements

Ed Carlson
Ed Carlson

We have met the enemy and it is our government. We now have political chaos, immeasurable debt and increased poverty/crime with little hope for the future.

The number of entitlement holders continues to rise via government give-a-way programs.

Unless there are truly significant changes in the way we govern ourselves, the United States will be a second-rate country within 50 years.

Pessimism, no. Realism, yes!

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

What we owe those who came before us

Regarding ”I can’t vote for Dems’ far left ideas” (June 13 Forum):

Unless this Forum writer is a native American, he is an immigrant.

At some point your family members came to the USA and got a hand up to establish themselves.

Today you get way more from your tax dollars than you pay: city, county, state and federal roads, public education for your children, libraries, DMV, police and fire protection, etc.

Helping the indigent, disabled, newly arrived, and less fortunate is what you owe to those who came before you.

Be charitable rather than narcissistic. Education and healthcare make us all a better and stronger nation.

Jill Labardi, Charlotte

Give Women’s World Cup its due

The U.S. Women’s World Cup team set a new world record Tuesday, defeating Thailand 13-0.

Amy Pitt .jpg
Amy Pitt

It was the biggest defeat in World Cup history at the hands of the U.S. Alex Morgan became only the second American to score 5 goals in a World Cup match.

The Observer outrageously chose to bury the story on page 5B, and instead highlighted yet another boring, irrelevant, out-of-season Cam Newton football story on the Sports front.

What’s it going to take for you to realize: The ball has moved, and the future is female?

Amy Pitt, Charlotte

When will Trump supporters act?

President Trump’s latest idea is that it’s OK for a presidential campaign to accept a foreign government’s interference in an election and not immediately report it to the FBI.

Will his supporters see the dangers this poses for free and fair elections?

Republican voters have stood behind this president as he praises authoritarian rulers, implements trade wars, gives tax cuts to those who don’t really need them, uses acting directors for important government jobs to avoid confirmation hearings, attacks the media, holds the intelligence community in contempt, lies daily, and clearly obstructs justice.

When is an action by Trump a bridge too far for those who support him?

Diane Mason, Matthews

Truist? Please, changeth thy name

This does not apply to banks.

Truist, changeth thy name or embrace the looming tragedy. A bank by any other name would not emit the stench of a Carrion flower. Truist dat!

Anyone up for a Knights game at the Tru? Didn’t think so.

Ken May, Charlotte