Letters to the Editor

Democratic-controlled U.S. House isn’t getting anything done

Dems, move on from impeachment

Regarding “As Dems talk impeachment, where’s the GOP?” (June 13 Opinion):

Once again someone from the left cannot accept the result of the 2016 election. The constant chants for impeachment never end.

The new U.S. House under Democratic control is a huge embarrassment.

With pressing problems like the invasion along our southern border and our infrastructure needs, you’d think they would want to work with President Trump.

To date there has been no significant legislation passed - just constant whining and continuous investigations.

Do your job!

Robert Cassell Jr., Charlotte

Trump seems to find the Russians credible

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says American intelligence agencies have concluded that Iran is behind blowing up oil tankers in the Gulf.

Ed Hinson.jpg
Ed Hinson

Aren’t these the same agencies President Trump says were unreliable when they reported that Russians helped him get elected president?

While the tankers were still smoking, Trump said he would accept more dirt offered from Russians on his U.S. political opponents.

Before starting a new war, the president should ask Putin who attacked the oil tankers, as he seems to find Russian spies more credible than his own people.

Ed Hinson, Charlotte

Eliminating Electoral College won’t work

Regarding “Here’s how to ensure that all votes count” (June 14 Forum):

Under the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, if 100 percent of N.C. voters chose one candidate, but the national popular vote went to the other candidate, our Electoral College votes would go to the latter.

How does that “make your vote count”?

As it is, 48 states award their Electoral votes on a “winner takes all” basis, which also makes your vote “not count.”

About a dozen states have the majority of national voters, so the NPVIC - or removing the Electoral College - would mean candidates would pander to those 12 states.

Philip Ruggiero, Charlotte

I want answers from these NC reps in DC

Donald Trump has admitted that he would welcome a foreign government’s “dirt” on his political opponents.

He has stated that informing the FBI of possible foreign interference in our elections is “not the way the world works.”

Trump has insisted that the Russians had no influence on the 2016 election and that he’d welcome their assistance in winning his next campaign.

The facts are clear. Donald Trump is, at least, an accessory to treason. What do Sens. Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, and Rep. Patrick McHenry have to say about that?

Michael A. Clark, Charlotte

It’s Bishop who caused job loss in NC

The writer has volunteered for the McCready campaign.

Regarding “McCready defends GOP attack over China solar jobs” (June 14):

Dan Bishop and the GOP cannot find a legitimate issue to attack squeaky clean Dan McCready, so they have manufactured a lie about McCready’s company “sending” jobs to China.

Let’s remember that it was Dan Bishop, author of the infamous “bathroom bill,” who sent companies and events running from North Carolina in protest.

Bishop’s actions resulted in real job losses and estimates of $2 billion dollars in business losses as a result of his reckless behavior.

His “bathroom bill” was eventually repealed after pressure from the business community, but lasting damage has been done.

Tom Arrigo, Charlotte

Oppose China, side with Hong Kong

I remember when the Tiananmen Square massacre was going on and I thought the world would stand up to the Chinese dictatorship.

No one stood up.

I remember President Clinton gave China ‘‘most favored nation’‘ trade status after the massacre.

Now, there are people in Hong Kong protesting. Maybe it will take a “Hong Kong Massacre” for the “democratic” countries of the world to do something.

As a supporter of democracy I think that the government of the United States should oppose, not appease, all dictatorships.

Chuck Mann, Greensboro

Find a way to turn trash into cash

Although there are huge fines imposed for littering, they do not seem to be effective and we continue to have bags, wrappers, cans, bottles, cups and unfinished food thrown onto streets and neighborhood lawns.

We need more than just volunteer groups picking up litter. We need incentives for people to pick up and properly dispose of trash.

I remember a time when one could turn empty cans in for cash. Is there a way we could turn trash into cash?

What if restaurants rewarded people for returning take-out containers based on the weight of the return?

We’re smart. Let’s figure out a solution to the trash problem.

Alan Davis, Charlotte