Letters to the Editor

Charlotte City Council members have a big job, but it doesn’t include activism

Council members, stick to your job

Regarding “An activist city council forgets its role” (July 10 Opinion):

The Charlotte City Council job is part-time for duties that could easily fill a 40-hour week and more. Spending time on issues not declared in our city charter job description is not fulfilling council responsibilities.

City council members need to stick to addressing their part of government.

Valerie Davis, Charlotte

Acosta isn’t to blame on Epstein plea

Initially, I believed that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta should resign.

Then, I watched his lengthy news conference Wednesday.

Paul Jones.jpg
Paul Jones

Acosta painted a picture of victim injustice we see played out every day in our state court system; prosecutors make ugly deals with defense attorneys to spare victims and to get some punishment for offenders.

Career prosecutors did their best against money and power elite. Jeffrey Epstein got some jail time and a sex-offender label.

It’s not a perfect outcome. Yet, better than Epstein walking.

Armchair critics and uninformed editorial writers need to spend time monitoring state courts to see and understand injustice carried out every day. It’s not fair for victims. Prosecutors have to play the hand.

Paul Jones, Charlotte

Now Pelosi knows how Republicans feel

Frank Betts.jpg
Frank Betts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accuses Speaker Nancy Pelosi of repeatedly singling out newly elected women of color, implying that Pelosi is both sexist and racist.

A phrase often used by a deceased Democratic congressman from Ohio, Jim Trafficant, comes to mind: Beam me up Scotty!

At least now Pelosi is experiencing what it feels like to be a Republican.

Frank Betts, Cornelius

This nation deserves better than Trump

Regarding “Trump is doing what others couldn’t” (July 9 Forum):

Are you serious? President Trump’s speeches are like those of a 5-year-old. He is lucky President Obama got the economy headed in the right direction before he moved in.

And Trump doesn’t need anybody’s help with turmoil and negativity. He does a great job keeping that going all by himself, mostly for diversion.

Mr. Lie and Deny is a complete joke. This country and its people deserve much better.

Terry Jenkins, Stanely

Baffled by all the Trump bashing

It’s perplexing to read all the negative comments about our president when the economy is roaring, more and better jobs are available and unemployment is at its lowest rate since 1969 for all citizens.

What do the Democrats propose to provide that we don’t already have?

Healthcare didn’t work too well for them the last time and will be worse in the “Medicare for All” some of them propose.

Harmon James, Denver, NC

US must do better at the border

The pictures of the detainees at the Texas detention centers are heartbreaking.

Where is our compassion? Where is our humanity? I realize the authorities are overwhelmed by the large number of people crossing the border, but we can do better.

We must do better!

Cheryl Midkiff, Charlotte

Get a grip on border spending

The real problem at the southern border is mismanagement by government contractors who cannot use $775 per day per child to buy a cot for them to sleep on, food to eat, water to drink and to shower. That’s what the Department of Health and Human Services says it costs to house migrant children in newly created tent cities.

So Congress “fixes” the problem by sending 4.6 billion more dollars to the contractors to mismanage. This country isn’t broke, We’re being robbed blind.

Lester Coonse, Granite Falls

My plea to the FDA, drug makers

This year there has been a production shortage of the most effective drug developed to treat bladder cancer. It’s called BCG and is produced in North Carolina by Merck.

Carl Glender2.jpg
Carlos Glender

I am a bladder cancer survivor and this medication has kept me “cancer free” for the past two years. Now, it will not be available for my remaining treatments.

On behalf of the over 80,000 bladder patients in the U.S. and myself, I urge the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, and the citizens of this great nation to resolve this dire situation.

This is not a case of inventing a new cancer drug, but merely producing enough of the drug that has proven to be effective and lifesaving.

Carlos Glender, Waxhaw