Letters to the Editor

US needs immigration controls and ICE is enforcing the law.

Control immigration; let ICE do its job

Hardcore immigration activists perplex me – people who want to abolish ICE, decriminalize illegal entry into the country, and cease efforts to deport those who have no legal authority to be here.

Steven P. Nesbit.JPG
Steven P. Nesbit

Should we get rid of all immigration controls and open the door to anyone who wants in?

Or, should we try to stop people at the border but allow anyone who successfully sneaks in to stay?

The next time you oppose ICE doing its job, think about the implications of throwing in the immigration towel.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Need accountability on repeat offenders

Lloyd “Windy” White.jpg
Windy White

Regarding “Police ID suspect, victims in restaurant shooting” (July 11):

It must be heartbreaking for law enforcement to see a life-long criminal back on the streets and killing again.

If bartenders are held responsible for allowing someone to drink too much alcohol, then why is no one is held responsible for letting career criminals out of prison?

Eddie Doh committed so many crimes only to be released to kill again.

What is the problem with the judicial system? Something needs to change to keep criminals like Doh behind bars.

Windy White, Charlotte

Chip in for arts, as we do for roads

Whatever the merits of the proposed sales tax referendum, the idea that the arts are “just a hobby” is ludicrous. (“Arts are nothing more than a hobby,” July 11 Forum)

Think of all the things you might list as “hobbies” on your Facebook page: cooking, reading, carpentry, music, sports, ... But just because you enjoy cooking doesn’t make cooking in general “just a hobby.”

The same goes for building things or making music. Each of these — like art — is a basic and universal human behavior.

Everything we own and use, from the clothes on our backs to the homes we live in, to the furniture we sit on, has been designed by people trained in art.

In order to live the lives we live, we need art and artists, and supporting their work is as much a public duty as chipping in for the roads we drive on.

Gregory Starrett, Charlotte

Trump supporters, see the truth

Very appropriately, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta was forced to resign because he crafted a slap on the wrist for a convicted sexual predator of children.

Meanwhile, Acosta’s boss has been accused of a variety of sexually related offenses by roughly a score of women, most recently of rape.

There is sworn testimony he paid multiple women to keep his adulterous acts quiet. Copies of the checks with his signature have been published.

Trump supporters, no matter how good the economy is, no matter how many of his lies you are willing to believe, it is past time to remove this log from your own eye.

Joel B. Miller, Hickory

Rapinoe has shown her true colors

John Petrie.jpg
John Petrie

If there was a “hypocrite of the year” award it would surely be won by purple-haired soccer star Megan Rapinoe.

After making vulgar and hateful remarks about the president and White House, she is now preaching “love more, hate less.”

Sorry Megan, you have already shown your true colors and they are not red, white and blue.

John Petrie, Fort Mill

Lt. Gov. Forest spoke the truth

Regarding “Forest is criticized for comments on US diversity” (June 30):

I read the June 23 speech Lt. Gov. Dan Forest gave that caused such a furor — all of it, not just the “problematic” part as per Democrats, but the “solution” part, too.

My conclusion is that he should run for president. His mind is clear and centered, not histrionic. He focuses on the problems at hand, as well as the future answers to those problems.

Finally, he is willing to be misrepresented and maligned in order to speak the truth. He is just what this country needs.

Barbara Fredericks, Huntersville

Ease opioid crisis; expand Medicaid

Regarding “As Mecklenburg opiate deaths rise, clinic programs provide low-cost, no-insurance treatment” (July 11):

Betsy Ragone.jpg
Betsy Ragone

In this article, I shared the story of my son, Michael, who died of an accidental overdose of heroin and fentanyl.

It’s great news that Jay Fernando and the Charlotte Community Health Clinic have received a grant to help about 30 addicts with much needed low-cost medication-assisted treatment.

We all know the need is far greater. The policy solution to help those who are uninsured and struggling with addiction is to expand Medicaid.

States that have expanded it have seen the reward. Without expansion, we’re fighting the opioid crisis with one arm tied behind our back. Let’s tell our legislators to get this done!

Betsy Ragone, Charlotte