Letters to the Editor

To mend the division, tone down the rhetoric on both sides

I see intolerance on both sides

Regarding “We’re against racism, not America” (July 18 Forum):

This Forum writer makes a valid point that racism does still exist, and she is also correct that President Trump’s comments and tweets are not in keeping with the expected behavior from our commander in chief.

Calvin Wright.JPG
Calvin Wright

But, I take issue with her implying that some on the right are “intolerant.”

Perhaps she is not aware of Maxine Waters encouraging people to harass members of the Trump administration. Or, Ted Cruz being harassed out of a restaurant, or conservative speakers being shut-down at college campuses..

I would argue that intolerance from both sides has very much contributed to the division in this country. Maybe it’s time for both sides to tone down the rhetoric and not place blame on one side.

Calvin Wright, Charlotte

Thanks for the patriotic editorial

Regarding “Are you OK with a racist president, Republicans?” (July 16 Editorial):

Thank you for your editorial regarding the racist in the White House.

We need decency. We long to hear decent people stand up and say Trump is race-baiting and dividing the country.

The Republican Party has blood and mud on its hands — blood from the lives lost at the border detention facilities and mud from the sullying of how America is now viewed throughout the world.

Thank you for being patriotic and caring about the character of our country.

Patricia Sanchez, Grapevine, Texas

Fast to decry Trump, slow on immigration

The U.S. House voted rather quickly to condemn President Trump. Why can’t they do something about the immigration problems? As I recall, this U.S. legislative body has been trying for over 40 years and still can’t do it and has no explanation.

Bill Lane, Polkville

Police didn’t ‘serve and protect’ Garner

Regarding “Police officer in ‘I can’t breathe’ death won’t be charged” (July 17):.

In a civil society the police are there at taxpayer expense to serve and protect, not choke us to death.

Eric Garner was wrong to be selling untaxed cigarettes, but that should not result in his death at the hands of a police officer even if he resisted being cuffed.

Norman Jameson, Charlotte

Proposed tax isn’t so ‘mere’ to retirees

Regarding “Raising taxes worth helping the arts” (July 17 Forum):

Kenneth Kyzer.jpg
Kenneth Kyzer

I will be voting “no” to the sales tax increase in November.

I believe that the arts should be supported by those who wish to do so, by ticket sales and wealthy private and corporate sponsors.

The Forum writer who suggested that it is a “mere” 25 cents per $100 somehow forgets that many people in Charlotte-Mecklenburg are retired and live on fixed incomes.

The state has given us taxes on medicine, and the county revalued everyone’s homes, which will result in noticeable property tax increases.

Slowly but surely, retirees are being taxed out of the county and some are teetering on the edge of losing everything.

Kenneth Kyzer, Charlotte

University area needs a mall

I live on the north side of Charlotte, near the university. Many apartment buildings are being added every month thanks to the new light rail.

I saw in the news that the university area will get many new restaurants and office buildings. What it really needs is a mall with retail, restaurants and a movie theater.

Concord has a mall, south Charlotte has a mall, but the university area doesn’t. If this can be done, the north side will be improved economically.

Geetu Sarkar, Charlotte

Police chief isn’t entirely to blame

Roger Barbee.jpg
Roger Barbee

When I read how some in Charlotte demand that the police chief do something about the out-of-control murder rate, I wonder — do these same folks demand the fire chief do something about the rate of fires?

What would these critics have the chief do in teaching young men that a gun is not a means of settling a petty disagreement?

That is a lesson that should have been taught by a parent long ago when the young men who shoot today had disagreements over a toy, a place in a line, or faced some other teachable moment in a young life.

Roger Barbee, Mooresville