Letters to the Editor

Focus should’ve been on this: Mueller dashed hopes of impeachment

Mueller dashed Democrats’ hopes

Regarding “Mueller warns lawmakers Russia will keep meddling” (July 25):

Seriously? The real headline should have been “Mueller dashes Democrats’ hopes of impeachment.”

We deserve a balanced report on Mueller’s testimony. Instead, we got a front-page “news” story that was a New York Times reprint, still pushing the myth that Donald Trump is a Russian spy and criminal.

It appears the Observer is a rat and the Times is the Pied Piper.

Mac McCall, Taylorsville

GOP’s blind eye threatens democracy

There comes a time when silence is betrayal” -Martin Luther King

Even if the Republicans in the Senate turn a blind eye (including Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis), the facts remain steadfast: the Russians worked to elect Trump and he and his people sought and accepted the help and lied about it.

They continued to lie and destroy information to impede an investigation.

The freedom of our press is being endangered by Trump’s lies. We betray our democracy when we turn a blind eye to these facts.

Our silence is a betrayal.

Geneva Bosak, Cornelius

Fed up with Dems’ cowardly approach

The Democrats are the biggest wimps on the planet.

Trump accepts Russian interference in the 2016 election and obstructs efforts to expose the truth.

If we want to keep our democracy, Democrats need to bring impeachment proceedings now! Otherwise, America continues on the path to dictatorship.

Dan A. Hopkins, Gastonia

On immigration, get down to business

Tom E. Bowers.JPG
Tom E. Bowers

While many call for immigration reform, not many have proposed actual alternatives. President George H. W. Bush had a proposal that Democrats supported, but his own party refused to support.

Most voices accept that it is unrealistic to send all undocumented residents back and that DACA residents should be given citizenship.

Now let’s get down to who else deserves a path to citizenship based on years of contributing to our economy and society while living as a model citizen.

Illegal entry should not be encouraged, but also not go unforgiven.

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

Expanding Medicaid does save lives

Denise Finck-Rothman.jpg
Denise Finck-Rothman

Conservative columnist J. Peder Zane hit an all-time low in his July 22 Opinion piece, “NC Medicaid expansion would add to dependence.”

His most untruthful claim is that “there is little evidence…that expansion has significantly improved health outcomes.”

Recently, the National Bureau of Economic Research reported that in states that expanded Medicaid, nearly 20,000 fewer deaths occurred over four years.

In states that did not expand Medicaid, including North Carolina, 15,600 additional deaths occurred that could have been avoided.

It’s time, North Carolina, for us to expand Medicaid to provide healthcare to those that have no insurance because their income is too low for an ACA subsidy.

This will return those who can to work, and this will prevent needless loss of life!

Dr. Denise Finck-Rothman, Charlotte

City has race issues; RNC 2020 won’t help

Regarding “Hosting RNC 2020 made sense for Charlotte - until now” (July 21 Opinion):

Mayor Vi Lyles and the Charlotte City Council should rescind their invitation to host the RNC given Trump’s outrageous verbal insults targeting four U.S. congresswomen of color and his encouragement of unruly, threatening chants by his supporters in Greenville.

Charlotte has been struggling to deal with racial issues, and hopefully our leaders will show that they are more than just talk.

Are they going to look the other way, tacitly endorsing bullying behavior? Or, are they going to act to encourage civility and respect for all?

Not hosting the RNC is one concrete action that can be taken to show that Charlotte and its leaders will not and do not condone bad behavior.

Sins of omission are often as harmful as sins of commission.

Jo Ann Lee, Charlotte

That was climate change humor, right?

Regarding “Targeting fossil fuels is targeting jobs” (July 25 Forum):

I like it when you inject humorous letters into the Observer Forum. Thursday’s pro-fossil fuel, pro-global warming was very funny.

What form of humor is it? Irony or satire?

Wait! You don’t mean the writer is serious! Noooooo!

Mike Brawley, Charlotte