Letters to the Editor

No tax increase to fund arts. Let ASC, other cultural groups seek private donations

Arts should seek private donations

Regarding “Group pushing referendum for arts, parks sales tax names leader” (Aug. 13):

Traci Cockerham 2019.jpg
Traci Cockerham

Homeowners and local businesses were just hit with a tax increase earlier this year.

The citizens of Mecklenburg County are drowning in taxes and we need to protect citizen’s wallets.

The Arts and Science Council and other cultural groups should put their efforts into fundraising for private donations, rather than penalizing every purchase in the county.

Traci Cockerham, Charlotte

Republicans are ignoring the deficit

Attention conservative Republicans, did you see the news: “US budget deficit grows 27% through July“ (Aug. 12)?

Robert Culbertson.JPG
Robert Culbertson

It rose to $867 billion during the first 10 months of this year.

At least the tax-and-spend liberal Democrats don’t steal from our children like you and your leader, Donald Trump.

How much longer?

Robert Culbertson, Charlotte

I agree, it’s a weak case against Trump

I don’t think much of conservative think tanks, but “Emotions and impeachment,” the Aug. 12 op-ed by the Heritage Foundation about misuse of the impeachment process, makes sense.

One should not overturn an election just because a case can be made; it should only be done if the president has done something so egregious that it requires removal.

That’s why I - and, I suspect, Nancy Pelosi and much of the voting public - think the case against Trump is pretty weak.

Instead of a doomed attempt at removal through impeachment, let’s vote him out in 2020 along with his enablers, the rest of the Republican Party.

Lawrence Evans, Durham

It’s not the weapons, it’s the users

Regarding “Fix on gun is not rocket science” (Aug. 13 Forum)

The Observer recently reported a three-fold increase in concealed carry gun permits in North Carolina. However, I have not heard of a corresponding increase in gun-related violence in the state.

So, I don’t think the availability of the guns is the issue. But other factors this writer cited - violent video games and nasty Hollywood culture and movies - do contribute to the problem.

It’s not the implement, but the user. Those who have murdered others have lost respect for human life values. Sadly those values were removed from our schools and culture decades ago.

Jim Sutton, Charlotte

My list of gun violence solutions

Proliferation of terrorism and violence in this country. Is Charlotte next? What must we do?:

Jack Fenlon.JPG
Jack Fenlon

Universal background checks on gun purchases, including domestic and other records of violence, mental health, other background checks

Ban sale of semi-automatic weapons, high-capacity magazines

Demand social media stop giving rationale or encouragement for hatred, racism, white supremacy

Encourage politicians, ministers, schools, neighborhood associations, other organizations to speak out against ethnic, religious or white supremacy and violence

If you “see something, say something” about suspicions of violence.

Thoughts and prayers? Yes, but also actions — not in-actions.

Jack Fenlon, Charlotte

Biden gaffes are downplayed

Regarding “Biden: ‘Poor kids’ are just as bright as ‘white kids’ (Aug. 11):

Joe Biden’s latest gaff: Page 31A. Trump’s controversial tweets: front-page news. It figures.

Arthur Bolz, Charlotte

Medicare for All ads are misleading

Health insurance industry ads and others mislead people with talking points like “A medicare for all program would disrupt people’s lives.”

The truth is that Medicare for All would increase benefits for all Americans, protect those who have pre-existing conditions and anyone who may lose or change jobs.

Everyone covered with more choice of doctors for less cost does not sound like disruption to me. Beware of misleading advertising.

Tom Moore, Charlotte

A question amid chaos in Hong Kong

Regarding “Tear gas fired in Hong Kong with no end in sight to protests” (Aug. 11) and related articles:

I wonder how much the British would charge to take back Hong Kong?

Steve Wise, Charlotte