Letters to the Editor

I donate to the arts, but I believe they require public support too

Local arts require public support

Regarding “Arts should seek private donations” (Aug. 14 Forum):

Dorlisa Flur.jpeg
Dorlisa Flur

I believe arts organizations should seek private donations and consider myself proof they are doing so.

I also believe the arts require public support.

While I attended an economically disadvantaged public school, it exposed me to my first symphony, dance and theater performances. Those were life-changing.

A sales tax increase would ensure arts similarly enrich the lives of all Mecklenburg residents, regardless of where they live.

Think about how the arts benefit community — Children’s Theatre providing below-cost shows for CMS; Blumenthal Performing Arts bringing thousands of kids to “The Lion King” for free; and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art offering programs for those with low-to-no vision.

Imagine how much more we could gain.

Dorlisa Flur, Charlotte

That’s not the Dan Bishop I know

Regarding “Dan Bishop’s harsh history of discrimination” (Aug. 15 Editoriall):

Jim Cherry Crop.jpg
Jim Cherry

I totally disagree with the Observer Editorial Board’s characterization of Dan Bishop.

I’ve known Dan for over 30 years and there isn’t any hate or discrimination in his heart against anyone. He is a true conservativewho wants lower taxes and a small federal government and this bothers the liberal establishment.

The Democratic candidate, Dan McCready, talks like a moderate but I don’t trust him any farther than I could throw a watermelon.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Now give me details on McCready

Your editorial on Dan Bishop tells me how left-wing you are.

We would also like the details about McCready. I don’t expect you will do the same.

Just be fair with your reporting. That’s all the public wants.

Bob Price, Charlotte

Appalled by those hateful letters

Regarding “FBI alerted after black Charlotte officials received threats, racist letters” (Aug. 14):

Shame on the person who wrote such hateful letters to our black officials!

How can anyone feel superior when we have no choice in color or location when we are born?

Everyone has worth and should be treated with dignity.

Those who are abusive to others need a reckoning and in this case, the FBI will see that that is done.

Felicia Lee, Charlotte

I see irony in what’s saved, destroyed

Regarding “Mecklenburg County has one remaining slave dwelling. Here’s how it will be preserved.” (Aug. 12):

The last slave dwelling in Mecklenburg County will be preserved during a time when Civil War statues are being hidden or destroyed, and Confederate flags are being disallowed.

The importance of maintaining historical symbols is like beauty — in the eyes of the beholder.

George Simolin, Huntersville

Tackle climate in large scale ways

I applaud the Observer for covering the UN’s report on the ways climate change affects land use. (“UN climate report: Change land use to avoid a hungry future,” Aug. 8)

We need to reconsider how we eat to avoid serious food shortages in the future. Our family has changed its eating habits over the last two years to have healthier lives, and I was glad to learn that switching to a plant-based diet also helps the planet.

But we make hardly any effect if we roast our coriander tofu using energy from fossil fuels. We need to do things collectively on a larger scale, not just at individual kitchen tables.

This UN report reminds me that we need local and global advances in renewable energy sources, plus the bipartisan carbon fee and dividend policy reintroduced in Congress this year.

Cynthia Lyons, Fort Mill

Trump’s hypocritical Evangelical base

The Evangelical base, which has the unwavering support of some prominent conservative leaders like Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr., is not happy with Trump taking the Lord’s name in vain, along with the rest of his profanity at rallies.

This is the same Evangelical base that seems to have no issues with the separation of children at the border, recent ICE raids, and chants of “send her back.”

Trump’s politics are based on racial conflicts and bigotry and it is a setting fundamentally favorable to his base.

When 81 percent of the Evangelical base supports someone like Roy Moore in Alabama, it’s no wonder they’ve earned the title of the “immoral majority.”

Dot Meixler, Charlotte