Letters to the Editor

Former NC governor: Do we want liberal faculty controlling a conservative UNC program?

My thoughts on your ‘modest proposal’

This Aug. 21 editorial bore the perfect headline: “A mysterious new program at UNC.”

Indeed. The Editorial Board and our liberal faculty are rightfully concerned that an associate dean at Chapel Hill has tried to infiltrate at least one program with a conservative viewpoint among the hundreds on the academic left bank. How dare he insinuate diversity of thought into the liberal curriculum at our flagship institution!

Jim Martin.jpg
Jim Martin

To be fair and even-handed, you offered “a modest proposal” worthy of Jonathan Swift: let our liberal faculty control what gets taught in any class that touches on conservatism. That’s how we’ve always done it.

With tongue in cheek, and minimum high regard,

Jim Martin, Mooresville

NC Governor 1985-93

Trump’s bar for moral outrage

North Korea sends Otto Warmbier home in a coma to die and Donald Trump continues to exchange love letters with KimJong Un.

A Saudi hit squad butchers journalist American-based Jamal Khashoggi and Trump gives the Saudi crown prince cover.

But when the Danish Prime Minister calls Trump’s unsolicited offer to buy Greenland “absurd,” apparently that’s a bridge too far.

It’s good to know what constitutes moral outrage for this administration.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

Cooper’s ICE veto astounds me

I cannot believe that Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the bill the state legislature passed requiring all law enforcement to work with ICE to keep dangerous illegal immigrants off the streets of North Carolina.

I guess he and Mecklenburg Sheriff Garry McFadden do not care about the citizens of this state. They care more about criminal illegal immigrants than legal citizens.

I am glad I have a vote in the next election.

Jim Plyler, Charlotte

Congress must act against drugmakers

Regarding “Judge orders drugmaker to pay $572 million in opioid lawsuit” (Aug. 27):

The Johnson & Johnson settlement in Oklahoma is a stark reminder of how the greed of drug companies can create misery and death for the rest of us.

It would be a mistake, however, to view this opioid distribution scandal as an isolated situation.

Drug companies are too often allowed to establish and maintain a monopoly over essential medications far beyond their initial patent periods, and to gouge consumers who need them with exorbitant prices.

Lawsuit settlements help, but we also need for Congress to take action now to make drugs more affordable and accessible.

Jean Busby, Charlotte

Abortion is morally wrong

Regarding “Shortsighted decision on abortion” (Aug. 27 Forum):

Mary Ann Barbee.jpg
Mary Ann Bar

If abortion rights supporters think that abortion, the killing of a woman’s pre-born child, is a good thing then let them fund the procedure themselves through fundraising and donations.

Those of us who are pro-life support pregnancy help centers where pregnant women can receive baby food, diapers, clothing, and lessons on child care, goal setting and respecting their bodies.

Just because abortion is legal doesn’t make it moral. Slavery was once the law of this land, too.

Mary Ann Barbee, Mooresville

Help women access birth control

Regarding “New Trump rule will limit women’s access to health care, birth control” (Aug. 23 Editorial):

Jill Dinwiddie.jpg
Jill Dinwiddie

Thank you to the Editorial Board for the article explaining the impact of the Trump administration’s new gag order barring abortion referrals, which is sure to result in reduced access to birth control for low income women and teens.

If they’re so against abortion, why aren’t they trying to increase access to contraception and support for comprehensive family planning?

Jill Dinwiddie, Charlotte

Electoral College prevents this

Regarding “Electoral College turns off voters,” (Aug. 28 Forum)... If this Forum writer thinks the Electoral College is discouraging voters now, imagine how turned off they’ll be when New York, California and Illinois pick every president forever?

Robert Cuminale, Charlotte

Here’s an election that I’d like to see

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an election campaign where the candidates tell us what they’d like to do if elected instead of spending millionstelling us how sorry their opponent is.

Bobby Costner, Lincolnton