Letters to the Editor

Use state’s budget surplus to install air conditioning in all NC prisons

Put AC in all prisons; use budget surplus

As I read about the plight of women in the N.C. Correctional Institution for Women, where there is no air conditioning, I was struck by a comment from spokesman for the N.C. Department of Public Safety.

Alan Singerman

He said that the cost of adding air conditioning is “beyond the budget of the division of prisons.”

I cannot help thinking of the $896 million surplus in the coffers of the N.C. legislature that Republican leaders want to return to N.C. taxpayers.

I don’t sniff at a $250 refund, but I don’t think that it will change my or anyone else’s life.

Rather than using this money to try to buy people’s votes, it could be used to help relieve the inhumane conditions imposed by the lack of air conditioning in some prisons in our state.

Prisons are punishment, yes, but torture is beyond the pale.

Alan Singerman, Mooresville

Here’s what I’d do about that AC

Unbelievable! The women’s prison is too hot for dogs, but not for female prisoners. Sounds like something from a Dickens novel.

I suggest that the air conditioning in the staff part of the building be disabled until the women have it too, just as the male prisoners do.

Pearl Rosenberg, Charlotte

Pearl Rosenberg.jpg
Pearl Rosenberg

Cooper’s veto was one-man rule

I would argue that Gov. Roy Cooper was thwarting the will of the people of North Carolina when he vetoed that state budget, which was enacted by a duly elected legislature.

The legislature was given the task of deciding how to responsibly spend N.C. tax dollars. In their judgment an expansion of Medicaid was not the most prudent use of the funds available.

If the governor had prevailed, it would have been tantamount to one-man rule. Such an outcome would have been highly undemocratic.

John Frazier, Matthews

Don’t use sale tax money to fund arts

It’s not the size of the ASC-related sale tax or that arts benefit the community that matters, but that it’s being proposed in the first place.

Government has no business using our money to fund the arts. The arts should be funded by foundations, individual donors and philanthropists such as the Levines — as should all similar ventures, such as sports venues, a subject for another message.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Signs about guns don’t deter evil

Regarding “Charlotte grocery chains don’t want customers to openly carry guns in their stores,” (Sept. 12):

With all of these establishments requesting no guns in the stores, it is only making folks feel good, like expanding background checks.

As I recall, folks are not to have guns on school campuses. Signs are everywhere. Yet, there have been 22-plus shootings at schools this year.

The signs did not deter anyone with evil on their mind from taking a gun to school and shooting people. The same will be the case at these stores. Only law-abiding folks obey those signs.

Bill Lane, Polkville

My question about the 2nd Amendment

Joe Salerno.JPG
Joseph Salerno

Regarding “Support more than the 2nd Amendment” (Sept. 15 Forum): This Forum writer asks “Why is the Second Amendment the only one some people seem to care about?”

I ask, why do those who revere the Second Amendment imbue mass slaughter with the sheen of patriotism by demanding Americans accept the deaths of innocents by heavily armed murderers as the price to pay for freedom?

Canada, England, Spain and many others are free but do not suffer the gun violence we have here. Why is that? Those countries don’t have the equivalent of the Second Amendment.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte

Awesome to get to know Father Frank

Regarding “Health issues push popular pastor to retire” (Sept. 15):

Thank you so much for the wonderful article about Father Frank O’Rourke. How refreshing to have a positive article about a wonderful priest who has done so much for others. I don’t know him, but felt like I did after reading the article. Priests, like teachers and police officers, only seem to get attention when they do something wrong, so having this feel-good article on the front page was awesome.

Deborah Beck, Iron Station