Letters to the Editor

Going after Biden’s son is politics, but pressing a foreign leader to help you is illegal

It’s not just politics; it’s against the law

Regarding “OK with me if Trump goes after Biden,” (Sept. 24 Forum):

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David Basri

This letter writer, Trump and the Republican party are free to go after Joe Biden and his son. That is politics.

You are not free to solicit or coerce a foreign government to help you do it. That is explicitly against the law and at its core an act of treason.

David Basri, Charlotte

GOP is no stranger to blood sport

I read the Forum writer’s view that Trump may have the right to discuss Joe Biden’s son with the Ukrainian president, but that is not the issue.

What is at issue is the covert and treasonous means employed by President Trump to pressure the Ukrainian president through what I characterize as blackmail to achieve his devious goal.

I do agree to some extent that politics is a “blood sport,” but I strongly disagree that Republicans have been slow in playing this game since they have been the major perpetrators in this political mess.

Larry Vogt, Mooresville

Yes, investigate Biden’s involvement

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Bill Wallace

President Trump pressed the Ukraine leader for information concerning Hunter Biden’s connection to what Trump believes are sleazy deals in Ukraine. It has not been shown that Trump threatened him in any way.

It’s high time a Democrat was called out for his cozy relationships. If Joe Biden did something, it was while he held public office.

Bill Wallace, Charlotte

Don’t expect Burr to stand up to Trump

I have called and left messages with Sen. Richard Burr’s office during this president’s tenure.

My messages were: “Sen. Burr, this is your final time in office to boldly defend the N.C. citizens who need a representative with a moral conscience to stand up to a president who blatantly abuses his powers. This is your final hour to leave office with a legacy of strength, truth and fairness of which your family and your state could be proud.”

He has never returned my call.

Nancy Payne, Belmont

US was visibly absent on climate

I congratulate the United Nations for giving voice to Greta Thunberg on the most serious question of our time: man-made climate change and the lack of world action to deal with it.

Seventy nations made promises to do more, and hopefully they will keep their promises. One hundred business leaders and a third of the global banking sector pledged involvement.

But one nation was visibly absent: the United States.

Our president continually denies overwhelming scientific evidence that humans have caused our climate crisis. Rather than put our planet and our children above money and politics, he continues to deny what’s right in front of his face.

Thunberg should be awarded the Nobel Prize; she richly deserves it.

Bonner Mills, Mount Holly

Save the earth. Don’t give birth.

Alan Dockery.jpg
Alan Dockery

Can someone explain to the protesting kids that governments never have been, nor ever will be, able to do much of anything to “save the planet”?

We have protested for 49 years, ever since the first Earth Day. The kids who joined us decades ago grew up to be wasteful polluters while screaming, “The government must do something.”

Humans are the ultimate reason for all kinds of pollution. Forty-nine years ago there were 4 billion humans on Earth and the planet screamed that’s way too many. Now there are 7. 7 billion polluting humans. Save the Earth. Don’t give birth.

I wish governments had the courage to “do something,” but people would riot in the streets if governments actually did the things needed to force people to act environmentally responsible.

Alan Dockery, Newton

More restaurants must participate

Ann Davis.jpg
Ann Davis

Local restaurants could make a positive contribution with the elimination of Styrofoam “to-go” containers. Please invest in earth-friendly disposable cartons like Roosters and Pasta & Provisions use.

Ann Davis , Charlotte

Do the right thing on NC voting maps

Thank you for your excellent coverage of the gerrymandering issues. What is happening is a disgraceful misuse of the voting process in our state and country.

I hope that the N.C. legislature will do the right thing and create a fair voting map for the citizens of our state.

Elaine B. Steele, Davidson