Letters to the Editor

Taxpayers fund yet another probe while members of Congress feed at the public trough

Another probe taxpayers must fund

It appears we taxpayers will get to fund yet another Congressional investigation, this time regarding impeachment of President Trump.

If the Mueller investigation is any indicator, this one will likely overlap the next election. During that time Congress will get nothing substantive done, as usual, while members continue to feed at the public trough.

Ken Hanson.JPG
Ken Hanson

I have a modest proposal to change the political dynamics in Washington: I suggest we taxpayers start a movement to have Congressional salaries based on piecework. Each member would get a certain amount of money for each new law enacted. No legislation, no money.

Perhaps such a system might encourage members to actually do their jobs.

Ken Hanson, Waxhaw

This isn’t about partisan politics

As Trump and his administration enter Season 4 of his “Presidential Reality Show,” his contestants — William Barr, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, et al — never thought this show might be canceled.

All have failed to realize what it actually meant when the GOP lost control of the House.

What is happening now is all about the rule of law and defending the Constitution. This should not be about partisan politics.

Sadly, Trump never thought his legacy would be forever tied to his impeachment inquiry. This is what happens when you think you can stand in the middle of Times Square and shoot down the Constitution and nothing will ever happen.

Dot Meixler, Charlotte

Didn’t like feeling berated by Thunberg

Phil Clutts 2018.jpg
Phil Clutts

Greta Thunberg may have a unique capability for thinking outside of the box, but that doesn’t mean her 16 years of accumulated experience give her the right to berate those who have learned the consequences of taking enormously disruptive and expensive action to correct problems whose origins and solutions are still highly debatable.

Being sure of oneself does not make one right, nor does being center stage at age 16 merit a Nobel Prize, for Pete’s sake.

Phil Clutts, Harrisburg

This isn’t hysteria, it’s a call to action

Regarding “The danger of doomsday climate fears” (Sept. 26):

J. Peder Zane acknowledges that the climate is changing and that our world’s interlocking systems are so vast and complex that we don’t understand the impact of man on the change in climate.

If so, why is Zane so sure that climate change is not an existential threat? Like to gamble with your grandchildren’s future (and their grandchildren), do you?

Common sense, the Bible, and other wise sources tell us to be good stewards to our world. We have not been, and it’s time to change that.

This isn’t “the left’s false and calculated hysteria.” This is an urgent and prudent call to action.

Chris Roy, Charlotte

Lyles must grapple with Trump deceit

Regarding “Mayor Vi Lyles joined A-list guests at last week’s White House state dinner” (Sept. 24):

Lorraine Stark 2015.jpg
Lorraine Stark

The Republican National Convention will be held in Charlotte in 2020. It appears as of today that the upcoming convention has taken a moral hit courtesy of President Trump.

How can Mayor Vi Lyles contend with all the deceit Trump provides, not only here in the states but to other countries and leaders of the world?

Going to a White House state dinner is one thing. Knowing Charlotte will be remembered as that city that hosted a president who cannot uphold the highest office and abide the Constitution is nothing to cheer about.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Keep those new jobs coming, mayor

In response to “Another company announces plans to bring 1,000 jobs to Charlotte. Hiring starts now.” (Sept 24):

Mayor Vi Lyles is on course with the recruitment of these companies and there is nothing like a job to improve some of these insurmountable problems.

Continue to be a good steward of the money, lead by example as you have on fiduciary responsibilities, and strive to reduce our crime rates. We are counting on you to jump on the crime issue “like a duck on a June bug.”

Randall Lemly, Charlotte

Vaping has been beneficial for me

Regarding “Rhode Island is latest state to bar flavored vape products” (Sept. 25) and related articles:

I am writing to you today about the banning of flavored Juul products. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16 years old and ever since I found the Juul with fruit flavored “pods” I have been able to quit smoking entirely.

With this product I have taken back my life from that filthy habit and now I am at risk of it slipping out of my hands.

Benjamin Butts, Charlotte