Letters to the Editor

Mecklenburg DA, local law enforcement must make repeat gun offenders a higher priority

Make prosecuting gun crimes a priority

Regarding the Observer’s “Dismissed” series (Sept. 27-Oct. 2):

Philip Howerton.jpg
Philip Howerton

I am aware that the Mecklenburg District Attorney’s office is underfunded and understaffed and that the court system is likewise burdened.

However, this does not relieve the system’s responsibility for the failure of vigorous prosecution of the number of gun crimes set out by the Observer.

I suggest both law enforcement and the District Attorney need to focus their priorities on these dangerous offenders.

Philip Howerton, Charlotte

Retired Mecklenburg District Court Judge

Don’t limit guns; prosecute more

How can we ever expect to see a reduction in violent crime when repeat offenders are continually released to prey on the public?

Before we punish the vast majority of law-abiding citizens for the acts of an extremely small percentage of our population it would be wiser to aggressively prosecute the offenders, especially those who are repeaters.

This is precisely the position that the NRA and lawful gun owners have pushed for many years.

Edwin Saint Sing, Mooresville

To convict more, seek alternatives

Linda J. Brooks.jpg
Linda J. Brooks

Superior Court judges hold court in many different N.C. counties. Their observation is that it is often the juries who make the difference.

Mecklenburg is diverse with many differing views, and it is difficult to get a conviction. Rural communities are more cohesive. I’ve often heard that a defendant found not guilty in Mecklenburg would have been convicted elsewhere.

For that reason and because the legislature continues to decrease the percentage of the budget earmarked for criminal justice, it is only prudent that prosecutors look for alternatives. It frustrates everyone except the perpetrators.

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

Loyal to a man who tramples values?

Regarding “I see right through the Dems’ hate” (Oct. 2 Forum):

In defending the president a recent Forum writer included himself within “the loyal American people,” a phrase that raises important considerations for us, particularly when the current president values loyalty to himself above all else.

Where, in fact, does our loyalty reside?

Are we, as U.S. citizens, loyal to our constitutional framework and traditions, the values of truth, justice and generosity, and the well-being of our country as a whole?

Or, are we loyal to a man who readily tramples over these traditions and values – and anything and anybody else – in pursuit of his own gain?

Charles Lansden, Charlotte

Impeachment plan will backfire

Traci Cockerham 2019.jpg
Traci Cockerham

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” House Democrats are obsessed with impeaching our president. They tried with the Russia allegation and now they are trying again.

The Democrats are sore losers and have spent three years on the taxpayer payroll desperately trying to find anything they can sink their claws into that could wreck our president. The joke is on them — the impeachment proceedings have fired up Trump supporters and I hope the Democrats’ backfire secures another four great years with our president.

Traci Cockerham, Charlotte

Adults need to heed Thunberg’s plea

I, for one, am impressed by the actions and words of Greta Thunberg.

Time and time again young people have become loud voices against injustice in our society — from lunch counter sit-ins, to gun violence protests, to a global outcry over environmental complacency.

I applaud Thunberg’s passion and hope that we adults will heed her plea to take significant action to slow the effects of global warming.

We have the ability to make choices every day that can make a difference, small and insignificant as they may seem. But as a nation, we must take immediate concrete actions to put regulations and plans in place that reduce the effects of climate change.

Betty Lohr, Hickory

My advice for Cam: Ditch the cigars

I hope Cam read the article in Sunday’s Observer and will heed the advice of the nutritionists and a fellow Panther about the vegan diet. They suggest you add a little protein and regain weight.

Becoming a wine and cigar aficionado are not the smartest moves for a pro football player who wants to win a Super Bowl. (I hope you still do.)

Guidelines are two glasses of wine per day for men, but please, please, please ditch the cigars. If you want to be self-defeating and smoke, wait until retirement.

We miss you. We want you healthy and back on the field.

Betty Little, Gastonia