Letters to the Editor

On Turkey, I have to wonder what’s behind Trump’s decision to pull out troops

Best for the US or best for Trump?

Laura Reich

In one phone call with President Erdogan of Turkey President Trump decided to pull our troops out of Syria and let the Kurds fend for themselves.

This has our Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, criticizing this irresponsible move.

However, it does give pause to the fact that maybe more was involved. For example, we know Trump owns a tower in Istanbul. He never divested from his businesses.

We will never be sure if his decisions are based on what’s best for the country or best for his personal interests, even in the case of life and death.

Laura Reich, Matthews

Trump is being outwitted

As evidenced once again by his most recent impulsive decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northeastern Syria, our country’s commander-in-chief has shown that he is playing beginner’s checkers, one impulsive move at a time.

Meanwhile, some of our adversaries (Turkey and North Korea) are playing strategic chess, while other adversaries (Russia and China) are playing 3-D chess.

These matches cannot end well for our country.

Leonard Fox, Charlotte

Democrats on a desperate rampage

Americans are weary of two years of Russia, Mueller, collusion, etc. and now Democrats will try it again with Impeachment and Ukraine.

Democratic Rep. Al Green says he is “concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

Yes, President Trump’s re-election will happen because of his successful economic and jobs numbers.

Democrats are on a desperate rampage to find a way to get our president out of office. Voters will see through this and not be swayed.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Howard Honeycutt.jpg
Howard Honeycutt

I agree with Perry about one thing

Regarding “Expanding Medicaid could cut access to doctors,” (Oct. 10):

George Bohmfalk.jpg.jpeg
George Bohmfalk

N.C. Sen. Jim Perry is concerned expanding Medicaid might overburden our supply of primary care practitioners. That we may not have enough doctors to help all those poor folks who need care is one of many excuses conservatives use to oppose Medicare for All.

It’s also a disproved argument, as providers were not overwhelmed when millions of seniors went on Medicare in 1965, nor when millions of younger Americans suddenly gained insurance through Obamacare.

What should concern every compassionate conservative is that we could have averted about 15,600 deaths if every state had expanded Medicaid. Deaths. Not overworked doctors.

I agree with Perry that the N.C. General Assembly should hold a special session with a singular focus on health care.

Dr. George Bohmfalk, Charlotte

There’s more to city’s crime problem

Regarding “City has a serious crime problem,” (Oct. 10 Forum):

Crime is a real problem in our city, but not necessarily the CMPD’s job alone to “clean it up.”

Handling conflict, staying in school, teaching gun safety, moral behavior, etc. begins at home. Teach your children right from wrong, know where they are, and what they are doing.

Consequences for unlawful behavior should be carried out long before the third, fourth or tenth offense. Lawmakers take note. I pray for our city and our youth — and for our fine men and women in blue who protect us, risking their lives to do so. Parents, take your children to church.

Mary Ann Penix, Mint Hill

Empowering voters who own guns

Regarding “The gun lobby and the North Carolina legislature: How much money, how much influence?” (Oct. 10):

Grass Roots North Carolina is a grassroots movement.

This article says GRNC “has donated much smaller amounts to state lawmakers” than the NRA, without saying why: With rare exceptions, we don’t throw money at politicians who often “re-gift” to anti-gun candidates. Instead, we conduct “independent expenditures” wherein volunteers generate millions of emails, voter guides, postcards, robocalls, social media ads, even radio advertising, all to empower gun-owning voters.

These volunteers have prevailed in dozens of state and federal races. Ironically, media which malign the NRA for funding candidates simultaneously disdain volunteers who win by doing exactly the opposite.

F. Paul Valone, Raleigh

President, Grass Roots North Carolina