Letters to the Editor

Mecklenburg DAs have been pleading for resources from Raleigh for over 40 years

Legislature ignored DA’s pleas for help

Regarding “‘We need help.’ Governor, Democrats say NC courts need money to prosecute gun crimes,” (Oct. 16):

Former Mecklenburg District Attorneys Peter Gilchrist (D), Andrew Murray (R), and now Spencer Merriweather (D) have been pleading for help from Raleigh for over 40 years.

Democrats and Republicans in the legislature need to look in the mirror to see the problem when it comes to providing resources to manage the N.C. criminal justice system in the state.

Any pronouncement from the “honorables” in Raleigh is simply hot air. And the crime problem continues to grow, with some criminals chuckling as they leave the courtroom – something I’ve witnessed more than once.

Accountability for offenders? It’s a joke - on the taxpayers - thanks to the legislature.

Paul Jones, Charlotte

Paul Jones.jpg
Paul Jones

Better ways to spend my tax dollars

Charlotte-Mecklenburg seems more than willing to spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars to placate the Panthers and get Major League Soccer, but has no more money for parks and education.

I’ve got the answer: Let the billionaires build their own facilities and spend tax dollars on parks and recreation, education and combating the spiraling violent crime rate.

Charlotte has an affordable housing shortage and a significant number of the working poor and retirees living on fixed incomes. This proposed quarter-cent sales tax increase will hurt those people.

Kenneth Kyzer, Charlotte

I support tax to help fund the arts

Jared Sutton.jpg
Jared Sutton

As someone who has benefited from the arts in Charlotte, I am writing to show my support for the quarter-cent sales tax referendum.

Ten years ago basketball was my passion, but my mom nudged me to try a dance class at a nearby recreation center. I never gave much thought to dance, but it turns out I didn’t know what my future would hold.

I was given access to dance classes through Charlotte Ballet’s Reach scholarship program, and I am now a professional dancer with the company.

I was a die-hard sports kid who got access to the arts and hasn’t looked back since. Certainly I’m not the only one.

Jared Sutton, Charlotte

Dems avoided answering questions

I watched last week’s Democratic debate with amazement.

America recognizes that the Democrats took every opportunity to disparage President Trump instead of competing for their party’s nomination.

When asked how or by what means Joe Biden would make change, he just started in about how terrible Trump is. Elizabeth Warren talked without ever directly answering the question of tax increases for the middle class.

Give me Donald Trump any day!

Harry Clark, Concord

No adults remain in the White House

David Nachamie.jpg
David Nachamie

From the beginning of this administration in 2016, Democrats and Republicans were concerned about the consequences if Donald Trump were allowed to make his own military and other vital decisions.

We were assured by the White House staff through leaks to the press, as well as the anonymous op-ed piece in the New York Times, that there were adults in the room to protect the country from this unstable, uninformed president.

It is apparent there are no adults remaining in the White House. Fortunately, many are now testifying in the House impeachment investigations.

David Nachamie, Lincolnton

Cummings had a message for all of us

Steve Benkosky.jpg
Steve Benkosky

U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings will truly be missed. He was a hero who dedicated his life to public service, and he was speaking to all of us when he asked: “In 2019, what did we do to help make sure we kept our democracy intact?”

Steve Benkosky, Boone

Can’t pin CA fires on global warming

Regarding “Calif. wildfires should worry us all,” (Oct. 16 Forum):

Mike Talarico.JPG
Mike Talarico

We recently moved to North Carolina, having lived in Southern California for 62 years. Let me assure you, the devastation of the California wildfires isn’t caused by global warming.

It’s quite simply the greed of cities and counties as they allow more and more building in high-fire areas, in search of the almighty tax dollar. More houses, more roads, more people, more power lines.

Global warming is a convenient thing to blame the fires on, rather than irresponsible politicians.

Mike Talarico, Matthews