Letters to the Editor

Republicans are afraid to lose power, but it’s time someone stood up to this president

It’s getting scary; stand up to Trump

It is getting scary. Now the Republicans want to condemn the impeachment inquiry.

So when the elections are held in 2020 and Donald Trump loses the White House, are they going to condemn that election?

More than half of this country did not vote for Trump. It stands to reason that the number has only increased. What then? We will just move in to a dictatorship because too many Republicans don’t want to lose power?

This is America, not Russia. It’s time someone stands up to the overreaching, only-interested-in-himself president before we all are imperiled.

Kelley Walker, Hickory

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Kelley Walker

Trump is a treasure, must be defended

The choreographed assault on President Trump continues.

Trump is a direct person, impatient with protocol and diplomacy.

I love this man. I absolutely trust him more that I trust anyone in D.C.

He is America’s champion. His singular achievements in the face of unrelenting attack is miraculous.

He is a treasure, a gift the likes of which may appear only once in a century. He must be defended!

Thomas Snell, Winston-Salem

A better fix for airport traffic issues

Regarding “Big traffic changes are coming to the Charlotte airport, including Uber and Lyft zones,” (Oct. 23):

As long as pedestrians are routed across the Arrivals pickup lanes, not even 10 lanes will relieve the congestion. CLT must route passengers under the roadway(s) in order to move vehicles in an expedient manner.

Dave Smith, Fort Mill

Nothing sneaky about tax vote

In response to “A dishonestly written tax referendum” (Oct. 22 Forum):

Laura Meier.jpg
Laura Meier

This Forum writer seems to be accusing our county commission for using an off-year to unethically add a quarter-cent sales tax, saying that they knew it would be a low turnout.

From my viewpoint, candidates are trying their darnedest to educate the masses and get out the vote. Newspaper articles, emails, social media, meetings, mailings, forums - all there for the voter to become informed.

The voter is given every chance to understand the issues, including the tax hike in question. In the end, however, it is the duty of the voter to be informed.

Laura J. Meier, Charlotte

Trees in planters? Developers win again

Regarding “‘We’re losing our beauty’: Charlotte OKs changes to tree rules despite opposition,” (Oct. 21):

Once again the developers win, stripping the land. No matter how large the container allowed under the new ordinance, how big can the tree get in a container?

Good thing the Myers Park trees weren’t put in planters or buckets.

Tom Schmutzler, Charlotte

Marshall Park is a green treasure

Despite Charlotte’s public park rating among “worst in the country,” the future of our historical, centrally located Marshall Park is still threatened.

Beyond survival, the qualities essential to our well-being have no tangible “use” - beauty, peace and quiet, connection. We’ve inherited a green treasure, a natural place for solitude, spacious enough for gathering.

“Mixed use” is today’s loaded code. Left out of the mix are ordinary people, extraordinary trees - and breathing space. Let’s hope our current leaders don’t fall for this latest upscale development in disguise.

Leslie Tompkins, Charlotte

Intimidators name change disappoints

Humpy Wheeler cropped.jpg
Humpy Wheeler

Too bad about the Intimidators changing their name to the Cannon Ballers. (Oct. 24)

Will I see a pirate ship sailing down the Rocky River next? This is an affront to NASCAR and the Earnhardts.

If they had to change the name, then why not the No. 3s, Speedbumps, Finishliners, Greenflaggers, etc.

And if they want a sports complex, build a paved quarter-mile track inside the baseball facility like the track at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, which draws up to 17,000 on summer nights.

This would greatly help us put some much needed color into our area, which can get mighty drab as unrelenting growth continues our asphalt jungle rampage.

Humpy Wheeler, Charlotte