Letters to the Editor

NC road priorities shortchange I-77. Give priority to roads that carry the most traffic.

Misguided road priorities in NC

The state has spent over $150 million since 2012 making storm damage repairs to N.C. 12 — a road that handles an estimated 10,000 vehicles per day in the summer months.

Yet, I-77 north of Charlotte carries more than 90,000 vehicles per day and traffic comes to a complete standstill — or you pay several dollars per trip to a foreign company for the privilege of driving the speed limit for a few miles.

Talk about misguided priorities.

Kenny Colbert, Cornelius

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Kenny Colbert

Nip this presidency in the bud

I am so old, I remember when Howard Baker and a few other Republicans did the right thing and voted for impeachment.

I remember when Ronald Reagan’s Shining City on a Hill speech brought tears to eyes of Democrats and Republicans, while he and Tip O’Neil worked together to move America forward.

I remember studying about Hitler and Mussolini, both of whom immediately worked to expand their powers and crush opponents.

I remember the episode of The Andy Griffith Show in which Barney said: “Nip it in the bud.” It was good advice then. And now.

Roger Howard, Charlotte

Impeachment probe is a waste of money

The Democrats continue their waste of taxpayer money with investigations, impeachment BS, and constant belittlement of the elected president.

This is the party that gives us career freeloaders galore, open border advocates, free stuff, sanctuary cities, and Democratic socialists. This is just some of what the Democratic agenda holds for our country.

Cliff Passons, Charlotte

When will GOP reveal the emperor?

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Ed Hinson

President Trump told us he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his voters will stick with him.

He is testing that assumption by teaching our young people that obnoxious name-calling is leadership, undermining the rule of law, endangering our military by revealing secrets, and stabbing in the back allies who’ve helped America.

While shooting with impunity is an apt metaphor for Trump rule, “the Emperor’s New Clothes” applies as well. Trump has metaphorically stripped naked, claiming to be wearing garments visible only to the wise and competent, and is leading a parade while sycophants praise his fine suit of clothes.

When will the proverbial child step forward to remove the scales from our eyes so all can see “the Emperor has no clothes?”

Ed Hinson, Charlotte

Reasons to support the tax referendum

The writer is president and CEO of The Charlotte Museum of History.

As voters decide about a sales tax referendum for the arts, parks and education, one group sometimes gets left out of the debate – our historic sites and history museums.

These cultural resources connect us through programs and exhibits that encourage civic conversation and shed light on issues affecting us all, including equity, housing, and immigration.

Like other cultural organizations, many local historic sites and museums took a big hit from the Great Recession. This has meant cuts to community programs, school trips, and often day-to-day operations.

Whatever our community decides about this referendum, I hope we find ways to support the arts and culture, including history organizations, as they make Mecklenburg County more vibrant for all.

Adria Focht, Charlotte

I’m tired of being taxed to death

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Alan Dockery

Government taxes your money as soon as you earn it. They tax it every time you spend.

Government taxes your savings, and if you saved your money and leave it to family when you die, the government wants a lot of that too.

Ain’t y’all tired of being taxed to death?

Alan Dockery, Newton

A condescending slap at workers

Regarding “Promise of higher wage gets votes,” (Oct. 30 Forum):

In the past, a college degree would assure you a career and a comfortable future.

And, some of the staunchest Republicans were unionized factory workers.

Over time, the Republican Party has warped into defenders of the business class and demonizes the American worker as lazy or undeserving.

Evidently under today’s Republican economics, some college degrees may only get you a “living wage” and the rest of the American workforce, which this Forum writer condescends to refer to as burger flippers, deserve only measly wages.

I can only hope the hourly-wage earner remembers that the next time they enter a voting booth.

Timothy Weeks, Fort Mill