The Patriots won the Super Bowl, but Gladys Knight won America’s heart with anthem

R&B singer Gladys Knight seems to have given the stand out performance during the Super Bowl, despite the win going to the New England Patriots.

The game itself was being called “super boring,” but words like “superb,” “amazing” and “rousing” were being used to describe Knight’s rendition of the National Anthem, with some comparing it to Whitney Houston’s classic 1991 performance at Super Bowl XXV.

“The 74-year-old can still bring it. Fans watching on Twitter almost universally loved Knight’s rendition,” USAToday declared.

“Gladys Knight brought down the house,” said the Huffington Post.

“Gladys Knight delivers spine-tingling rendition of National Anthem at Super Bowl, after vowing to ‘unite’ the country amid Colin Kaepernick boycott controversy,” wrote The Daily Mail.

Former NFL quarterback Kaepernick’s kneeling during the anthem was in protest of perceived police brutality against African-Americans.

No NFL players were seen kneeling in protest of during her performance Sunday, reported Deadline Hollywood, but The Bustle noted it wasn’t “clear whether any players kneeled off screen, or otherwise chose to remain in the locker rooms.”

President Donald Trump has weighed in on the anthem protests multiple times as a critic of the players who kneel, and he told “Face the Nation” Sunday that he believes players “haven’t been kneeling...and their ratings have been terrific ever since.”

Here is how others reacted on social media:

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