Crazy dash cam video shows someone in a dinosaur costume running from the cops

Strange things often show up on dash cams after dark, but officers in the English town of Devon likely captured a first when they recorded a chase involving a Tyrannosaurus rex.

In the 34-second video, posted July 21, the officers turn a corner in the Plymouth area just in time to see someone in a 6-foot-2 inflatable dinosaur costume sprinting down the road,with the tail whipping back and forth.

The officers are clearly amused, bursting into laughter as they note the reaction of a nearby pedestrian.

“Pretty quick, isn’t she?” asks one officer. “Wonder how they became extinct, don’t you?”

It was not explained whether the officers were pursuing the runner or they were just curious. Either way, the person in the costume appeared to be trying to outrun the police. However, the run looks like a fast waddle in the cumbersome outfit.

He or she eventually ran out of breath and stopped, turning to face the police before the video ends.

Police tweeted the video -- which has been viewed 90,000 times -- with a tongue-in-cheek explanation: “Just another late shift in #Plymouth. We can confirm the Doyouthinkhesawus is NOT extinct and they can run real fast!”

Response on social media has been a few hundred dinosaur jokes (“Mega-sore-arse”) and some speculation that the person would have been shot trying to run down streets like that “in America.”

Multiple commenters have asked what the person was charged with, if anything, and police have not responded.

Media outlets in the United Kingdom, such as the Daily Mail, referred to the runner as “a reveller” out for the weekend.

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