Letters to the Editor

Gun policies should save lives, not lead to more deaths

Create gun policies that save lives

As of June 4 there had been 181 mass shootings in the United States this year. That’s according to massshootingtracker.org, a crowd-sourced database that tracks shootings in which at least four people are injured or killed.

Despite this appalling statistic, our political representatives still seem more eager to fight for easy access to guns than to fight for easy access to affordable healthcare.

Don’t we deserve leadership that creates policies that save lives, rather than policies that will lead to more deaths?

We must demand more of our representatives. We must demand more of ourselves.

Arnie Cann, Charlotte

Gun control has become draconian

Spencer Rackley IV
Spencer Rackley IV

In response to “Guns are more dangerous than cars” (June 3 Forum):

Most of the kids I knew growing up in Van Wyck, S.C. had a firearm or ready access to one.

There was no gun control. If they showed up at school with a gun in their car, it was to go hunting after school.

No one thought to come into the school with a gun to settle something or make a name for themselves.

Guns, in 1962, were not a problem. Parents taught their children right from wrong. What has changed? Gun control is draconian, while violence is far too common.

My belief? Guns aren’t the problem. Far too many parents these days do not teach their children right from wrong.

Spencer Rackley IV, Charlotte

In Trump-world you must deny reality

In response to “Trump is the best since Reagan” (June 5 Forum):

Sometimes, I wish I lived in the same world as this Forum writer – a world where it doesn’t matter that our president is a liar, an adulterer, a narcissistic con man who has no regard for the planet, but plenty for himself.

– A man who claimed to be “in love with” Kim Jong Un and has questionable relationships with Russian adversaries.

– A world where all of that is OK because he wants to build a wall that will protect us from evil, put folks back in coal mines, and he wants China and Mexico to play fair.

But then, I realize that denying reality would take way too much effort, and I give thanks for living in my world, flawed as it may be.

April Gunning, Charlotte

Dems want constant Trump turmoil

Panicked Democrats seek anything to get President Trump out of office now or keep him from winning the 2020 election.

They want constant turmoil until 2020, hoping to win voters.

They have nothing to counter Trump’s historically low unemployment, new jobs, booming economy, new trade agreements, improving military, etc.

Resources wasted on collusion, obstruction, and the Mueller report haven’t worked, so now they want to try impeachment.

Voters are not stupid.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Abortion comment was just plain wrong

Timothy Eichenbrenner
Timothy Eichenbrenner

In response to “Be on the right side of history, NC” (June 5 Forum):

Abortion is a complex issue involving the rights and lives of two individuals, and it can not be properly debated within the scope of a 130-word Forum letter.

That said, to compare the right to life with slave ownership is ill-advised, inflammatory, and just plain wrong.

A Planned Parenthood board member should know to choose her words more carefully.

Timothy Eichenbrenner, Charlotte

Voters, take note of sheriff’s actions

By refusing to work with ICE, a branch of our government that protects citizens, Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden has dug his own grave, and the voters of this county should take note.

He apparently does not understand and uphold the duties of his office.

In much of his rhetoric he appears to attack one segment of the population, pitting one group against the other.

I truly hope his grandstanding is transparent to all citizens and that his removal comes in the next election.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

Brooklyn Village revision is doable

I am encouraged that Mecklenburg commissioners are challenging the Brooklyn Village redevelopment. (Uptown redevelopment faces opposition from new leaders,” June 2)

The recent county budget includes money for rental subsidies that could be used to ensure long-term rental units for some at 30 and 30-60 percent AMI (Area Median Income). The tragedy of the destruction of that original community under both political parties should be acknowledged by some action by the county and the developers. An agreement is doable.

Our community can lead the South, not just in growth, but in quality growth.

John Divine, Charlotte