Letters to the Editor

CMS board is eroding community confidence

CMS board is a runaway train

Regarding “CMS board names Earnest Winston superintendent, saying it wants stability” (Aug. 2):

The lack of transparency with the CMS board has been a recent trend, starting with the hiring of Clayton Wilcox, his sudden resignation, and now the hiring of a new superintendent.

The little-to-no engagement with the public on these actions is very troubling.

More transparency is needed, but the mystery train is still hurtling down the track.

That’s not good for community confidence in our school system. The public trust is again left behind at the station.

Critical decision making performed like this erodes desperately needed confidence.

Kathy Dowd, Charlotte

Racism is being used as a ‘catch-all’

Mike Rink.jpg
Mike Rink

Kudos to columnist J. Peder Zane for verbalizing the thoughts of Caucasian conservatives like me. (“A false narrative links the GOP and racism,” July 31 Opinion)

Crying racism when it clearly isn’t involved is nonproductive. It prevents rational discussions and possible solutions to real issues.

We need to ignore those who continue to use racism as the “catch-all” reason for every problem and vote out the politicians who use this excuse to stay in office without doing their job.

Mike Rink, Cornelius

Zane’s tired GOP refrain on racism

Columnist J. Peder Zane presented the same huffy, tired Republican argument regarding racism.

He says Trump only attacks individuals, not entire races. Here, he presents us a distinction without a difference.

When Trump Twitter-assaults Rep. Elijah Cummings his real targets are those racial groups he and his Republican rank-and-file seem to hate and fear. This is hardly a new Republican strategy. Since Richard Nixon they have reaffirmed their strategy toward citizens who happen not to be white.

This president, his toadies, and followers use America’s oldest sickness as a tool to try and insure their own political power and sense of cultural entitlement.

Max Childers, Belmont

Democrats need a winning strategy

Purity of heart is to will one thing.

The GOP willed only pro-life/pro-gun judges for 40 years. They won.

Democrats had best drop specialty issues and will the ouster of the White House occupant.

Work towards the look on his face on election night 2020 after losing. Will it exclusively. Otherwise, all is lost.

Steve Craig, Charlotte

I say Mueller report will help GOP win

Regarding “Russia’s intent was to waver our morale,” (July 31 Forum):

This Forum writer suggests Republicans want to downplay the Mueller report. I disagree, I think Trump 2020 campaign ads will spotlight the Mueller report, especially the Mueller testimony to illustrate what a political stunt the whole thing was.

Harry McPherson, Statesville

Doctors under Medicare for All

Regarding “How will healthcare affect doctors?” (Aug. 1 Forum):

This Forum letter asserts that if Medicare For All becomes law doctors will not be able to make a “decent living.”

A 2018 study of physician compensation shows the average annual salary for a primary care doctor in Charlotte is $304,957.

Government statistics from 2018 show that Medicare reimbursements are, on average, 60 percent of those from private health plans.

So, if all patients suddenly were Medicare patients, doctors in Charlotte might see their average salary drop to $182,974. But how many people would not be delighted to find themselves in the pay situation of a doctor under Medicare For All?

Pardon me while I find someone else to worry about.

Christopher Cudabac, Charlotte

Don’t give Tepper my money for stadium

Regarding Tom Sorensen “New Panthers stadium would be sound investment,” (Aug. 2 Sports):

I purchased a PSL and eat, drink, sleep, and bet on all sports, but I have to say, no to a billionaire. Not one red cent would I give him.

It does not take a financial engineer to crunch these numbers.

Our people having more pressing needs, beware of the “high rollers.”

Randall Lemly, Charlotte

Got a chuckle out of RNC 2020 logo

The Republican Party has revealed their its logo for the 2020 Republican National Convention. Honestly, all I could think of when I saw it was that it reminded me of when the circus used to come to town. The elephants, in all their grandeur, balancing ball on their trunks and heads. Brilliant!

Ted A. Greve, Charlotte