Letters to the Editor

Allow all the Bahamians fleeing Dorian’s destruction into the US

Let all the survivors come to US

Regarding “Trump: ‘Bad people’ from storm-ravaged Bahamas not welcome,” (Sept. 10):

So your house and your entire town is totally destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. You come out alive, but you’re still not sure all your family members did.

President Trump says the first thing you should do is grab your documentation papers. This is totally ludicrous.

Lucy Grasty.jpg
Lucy Grasty

In a humanitarian effort to save the lives of survivors of the storm-ravaged Bahamas, one takes the good with the bad.

We cannot imagine the horrors the Bahamian citizens have endured, surviving with only the clothes on their backs. We should make every effort to help them.

Lucy Grasty, Charlotte

Spend on survivors, not on a rally

Regarding “Trump and allies blitz 9th District on last, frenzied day of tight congressional race” (Sept. 9):

President Trump campaigning in Fayetteville on Monday confirmed that he does not care about the people of this nation.

The recovery from Hurricane Dorian is just beginning and much needed resources should not be diverted to assist him in putting on a show for his own personal ego.

His concern should be on the survivors and their needs, not on holding a pure political and self-serving roadshow.

Steven Porter, Charlotte

A better use of 9th District money

Regarding “9th District’s near-record $10.7M in outside spending fuels blitz of TV ads” (Sept. 7):

It sure would have been nice if the party responsible for the elections fraud had used its advertising “dark money” to reimburse taxpayers in 9th District counties the millions in extra costs for this special election.

Thomas Rector, Charlotte

Cars are privilege, guns are a right

Regarding “Cars are regulated. Guns? Not so much” (Sept. 8 Forum):

This Forum writer misses the point: Driving is a privilege, owning a firearm is a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Big difference.

As far as laws regulating firearms, there are national, state and local laws in place governing the sale, possession and use of guns and ammunition. Like all gun owners, I do agree that any violation or misuse should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Stephen Rubin, Charlotte

A gun stat that too many ignore

Lin Robinson (1).jpg
Lin Robinson

A lot of statistics have been thrown around in the debate about guns. One that I have yet to see is the percentage of privately owned firearms in the United States that are not used to murder people.

Using recent estimates of ownership and actual stats of violent crimes that percentage is approximately 99.9 percent.

I guess it is easier to suggest confiscating and banning guns, than it is to catch actual perpetrators.

Lin Robinson, Shelby

Tillis’ bad days are NC’s bad days too

Regarding “Thom Tillis’ predictable bad day,” (Sept. 6 Editorial):

Daryl Solomonson.jpg
Daryl Solomonson

It’s not a bad day for Sen. Thom Tillis; it’s a bad day for North Carolina’s citizens. Cutting $80 million designated for our military bases in North Carolina is bad policy for our men and women who serve this country and the communities that support them.

Tillis continues to support bad policy for our state by backing tariffs that are hitting our struggling pork industry and farmers, and by supporting the elimination of clean water and air regulations.

These are all bad days for North Carolina’s future.

Daryl Solomonson, Troutman

Hurricane flag: a sign of US strength

Regarding “Man who flew flag off NC coast during hurricane says it was done out of respect” (Sept. 9):

Thanks for this article. That flag has become an iconic symbol of hope during times of extreme anxiety.

Some folks, vets or not, have assigned too limited a view of what it can represent — a sign of unification in a time of stress.

It belongs to all of us, not just a select few. There are innumerable people who have sacrificed to be free to display our flag in times of need and times of saluting, even for this kind of exposure.

It has been cared for with respect thus far by the owner of Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower. Leave it alone.

Charles Gibbs, Durham