Letters to the Editor

It’s up to Mecklenburg arts groups to find a way to boost revenues without a tax

Groups must find a way to fund arts

Regarding “After sales tax referendum fails, arts community regroups” (Nov. 6):

“O county commission, where is thy sting? Mercifully blunted by common-sense Mecklenburg voters.” Now it’s time for the creative, financially savvy leaders of our arts organizations to conjure up a fiscally responsible, non-governmental vehicle to boost their revenues.

Mary Boyd, Charlotte

CMPD change is a positive move

So CMPD has changed its approach to de-escalation and violent encounters. Police departments across the country are changing training methods and de-escalation policies, and fair-minded citizens in all communities are changing the way we feel, think, and act regarding implicit bias.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been the catalyst for these changes and has had a significant impact over the last six years.

Doug Marshall, Charlotte

Uninsured? I blame poor life choices

Regarding “Too many uninsured children in NC” (Nov. 6 Forum):

Children don’t have health insurance because their parents did not pay for coverage.

If they are in a low-paying job, it is most likely due to poor choices they made growing up, like not getting a decent education. There is no excuse, especially in an era where online college courses are relatively inexpensive and convenient.

Poor choices have consequences. I should not be forced through taxation to pay for someone’s poor life choices. But that seems to be the new norm — let the government pay for everything.

Christopher Lee, Mooresville

Clarence Thomas is no American hero

Regarding “Clarence Thomas, American hero” (Nov. 7 Opinion):

In addition to “American hero” Clarence Thomas might also be considered an acting member of the Me Too movement — on the wrong side.

To present him in such glowing terms when he was accused of unacceptable behavior, quite credibly by Anita Hill, is a disgrace. Agree or don’t. But to barely mention it? That’s embarrassing.

Peggy MacKay, Charlotte

Trump’s promoting one brand of religion

Jane Burts.JPG
Jane L. Burts

Regarding “Trump fires up religious critics with job for televangelist” (Nov. 1)

President Trump is entitled to whatever spiritual advisor he wants, but to install that person in the White House with a seat at the table to promote a particular brand of religion smacks of a state religion.

The prosperity gospel promoted by Paula White appeals to some of Trump’s constituents, but is insulting to many of the rest of us.

A large percentage of Americans espouse a very different sort of Christianity. Having White as a national government figure insults me as a Christian. Jesus was not spending his time with the wealthy.

I would think members of other religions might be equally displeased.

Perhaps Trump doesn’t remember this country was founded by people escaping state religion.

Jane Leighton Burts, Charlotte

College alumni must demand reform

Regarding “Want to reward college athletes? Educate them” (Oct. 31 Opinion):

It’s all well and good to demand the big-time football and basketball colleges deliver on education for their “labor pool.” But change must begin in lower levels of education, otherwise we get Ohio State players griping “we came here to play football, not school.”

UNC faced its own Golgotha when it became apparent it enabled South Beach vacations.

Supposedly-educated alumni of these schools must face up to the fatuousness of it all and demand radical reform, instead of buying more school shirts and flags.

Steve Craig, Charlotte

Fowler is wrong about Cam Newton

One thing is undeniable. Cam Newton is the only Carolina Panther to win an NFL MVP. The 2015 team he led is one of only six in NFL history to win 15 games in a 16-game regular season.

Scott Fowler says Cam will play in the NFL again, but not in Charlotte. Well, if he plays again that means he’s healthy, and if he’s healthy he’s a franchise quarterback.

There’s only two types of teams in the NFL — teams that have a franchise quarterback and those that are looking for one. It could take years to find another.

I believe the Panthers organization is smart enough to not let a franchise quarterback walk out the door.

Joseph Thomas, Indian Trail