Letters to the Editor

Arts, parks and schools may need money, but affordable housing must be first priority

Get serious about affordable housing

Regarding “The arts and parks still need rescuing” (Nov. 7 Editorial):

Well, maybe the arts, parks and schools may need additional funds, but the overriding need is for affordable housing.

Once again that need seems to be left out.

When is Charlotte going to get serious about the housing situation for those who are homeless or in overcrowded shelters? It seems there are several other cities taking this situation seriously.

Armit Mundorf, Charlotte

Education must come before arts

About the defeated sales tax referendum: The percentages were lopsided — 16 percent to education, 45 percent to arts? I would have voted yes if these were reversed. Education must come first.

Lynne Hester, Charlotte

What if Trump’s wrong on climate?

By withdrawing the United States from the 2015 Paris climate accord our president has doubled down on his premise that global warming and climate change are a hoax.

But what if he is wrong? What if the mountain of evidence supporting global warming is accurate?

The answer is radiantly clear: We are sacrificing our grandchildren’s future and imperiling our planet for generations to come.

Before President Trump bet our house on a hoax, 197 nations had signed the Paris accord. We are now marching in goose step with ran, Russia and Turkey, as the only other nations refusing to commit to an accord of reducing carbon emissions.

What a mess.

Bill Sitton, Charlotte

Let others help fund climate change

Regarding “Find another way on climate accord,” (Nov. 6 Forum):

This Forum writer thinks the United States should stay in the Paris climate accord to provide leadership.

The other members couldn’t care less about the United States’ leadership. What they wanted was our promised $3 billion to pay the bills.

It’s past time for other countries to lead — and spend their money. This was especially galling when China and India made no financial commitment.

Let someone else lead and pay the bills for a change.

Robert Cuminale, Charlotte

Poor life choices? So quick to judge

Regarding “Uninsured? I blame poor life choices” (Nov. 8 Forum):

This letter writer suggested children are without insurance due to parents’ poor life choices.

So, when a company downsizes or refuses to hire part-timers over 29 hours per week, or an emergency causes the loss of a job or jobs, we should chalk it up to poor life choices?

We need to walk in someone’s shoes before we judge.

Let’s make sure at least children have health care, but all deserve access.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Tillis’ treatment of seniors disappoints

Regarding Sen. Thom Tillis’ desire to eradicate sanctuary cities: More important to senior citizens like me is that Tillis routinely voted against the Affordable Care Act, which provides dozens of benefits to seniors.

One of his major donors is a pharmaceutical group, so forget lower prescriptions costs. Another donor PAC he receives money from lobbies against legislation to cap the amount of money patients can be charged for surprise medical bills. So much for being an advocate for seniors and health care.

Time to elect someone who actually cares about seniors in N.C..

Joe Felt, Charlotte

On Trump, where’s the red line?

I’m curious about where Trump supporters draw the line on supporting this president.

When he locks up your child in a cage? When he deports your terminally ill foreign-born grandchild?

When he sends your son or daughter to guard oil fields? When he sexually harasses your wife? When he calls our N.C. senators scum?

When he shoots someone you love on Fifth Avenue? I really want to understand if there’s a limit to your support.

Terri Matthews, Charlotte

Thank a veteran

Honor veterans Monday for their sacrifice to protect our country and freedom, even if it’s a simple thank you from your heart.

Reach out with love to all the children whose fathers and mothers did not return and let them know their fathers and mothers were heroes.

Sometimes we get so busy on this journey called life that we forget what all these selfless men and women went through.

Veteran’s Day gives us a chance to say thank you for your bravery in securing us all.

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte