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Aftermath of Charlotte LGBT ordinance vote is mix of gratitude, disappoinment

Conservative faith and business leaders who rallied against the proposal said the matter is now settled. The LGBT community and its allies said they have no plans to give up in their campaign to add local protections for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people.


LGBT supporters look to fall elections

In the wake of the Charlotte City Council’s decision Monday to reject an expanded ordinance for gay and transgender residents, the LGBT community said it would work to elect different council members this fall and try again for passage in the future.

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Business community split after LGBT ordinance fails

Business owners who opposed a Charlotte LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance said the measure’s defeat will protect their religious freedom by allowing them to decide whom to serve. Meanwhile, a business group that backed the ordinance said its members would keep up pressure on the City Council after the measure’s defeat.


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