Save Money in this Sunday's paper

A man who faced a $525 fine for refilling an 89-cent drink at a Veterans Affairs hospital apparently will get off with a warning.

A Brooklyn woman says her mother accidentally moved a stranger's car with a key that fit two vehicles.

There's at least one butter lamb in Buffalo that won't be going under the knife this Easter.

Could this prospective juror take a bite out of crime?

Authorities say a toddler has been reunited with his mother after employees found him playing inside a claw crane machine at a Nebraska bowling alley.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday cut prison time for a drug convict sentenced to more than three extra years because of a typographical error in a court order.

A western Pennsylvania police officer says he spent much of December and January dressed as an Amish woman in hopes of scaring off a man suspected of exposing himself to Amish children.

A Maine animal shelter has so many carrots it doesn't know what to do.

Police say a man was arrested after using a stolen car to get to a court appearance in California.

After a bear mauled a woman in the driveway of her suburban Florida home, dragging her four feet before she escaped, wildlife officials said Monday that they had killed five of the animals, who had become dangerously accustomed to humans.

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