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Hired in an administrative role at her alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill, Deborah Crowder masterminded an 18-year bogus class scheme that was laid out in breathtaking detail this week.
A proposed Love’s truck stop moved closer to opening near Interstate 40 Exit 154 in Statesville, after an Iredell County judge ruled against an appeal filed by the project’s opponents.
Judicial campaigns, technically non-partisan, have become steeped in politics as lawsuits challenging laws and policies adopted by the legislature make their way through the courts.

Local law enforcement was called to Charlotte Douglas International to meet US Airways Flight 744 when the flight from Dallas-Fort Worth landed safely at 5:30 p.m.

A District Court seat in Mecklenburg County comes down to two candidates who credit their mothers for readying them for the job.

Under a sliding scale of minimum admissions requirements, students with lower than an 800 on the SAT but higher-than-minimum GPAs could be admitted.

A quiet lakefront community of upscale homes and neighbors who look out for each other was stunned Friday to learn that a couple who had lived there for decades had been gunned down in their home late Thursday.

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