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Sheriff’s deputies did not go to the scene of an all-terrain vehicle crash that killed a Florida man until two days after the incident, documents show.
For two decades local government has turned to targeted sales taxes to help fund special projects – a convention center, football stadium renovations, a new uptown arena, new art museums, a baseball stadium and a light-rail line.
Starting this fall, transcripts for graduates of UNC-Chapel Hill with include context about average grades awarded in each class. The practice is a response to the nationally acknowledged problem of grade inflation.

Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies detained a 27-year-old man wanted in California on a burglary charge, authorities said Friday.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police credit a Crime Stoppers tip with leading to the arrest of a suspect in three store robberies.

A Charlotte Fire Department captain has resigned instead of being fired after admitting he stole a prescription drug while assisting MEDIC on a patient transport, fire officials said.

In the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Kay Hagan is attacking Republican Thom Tillis’ four-year tenure as state House speaker, while Tillis is criticizing Hagan’s votes as a first-term senator in Washington. A better measure is a less noticed one: the 2007-2008 legislative session when both were state lawmakers, voting on the same bills.

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As he walked down the second-grade hallway passing out school supplies at Billingsville Elementary on Friday afternoon, Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis had the same message as he left each classroom.

Former Sen. Olympia Snowe and former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman to speak at Booth Playhouse Sept. 11.

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