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The elusive Sierra Nevada red fox was recently spotted in Yosemite National Park for the first time in nearly 100 years.

Scenic Virginia is all about its name - preserving, protecting and promoting the state's beauty.

As the nation's economy continues to improve and homeowners tackle more improvement projects, leaders in the electrical industry say a shortage of qualified electricians makes it even more important for homeowners to hire smartly.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s 2010 transition team included a Florida Power & Light executive a plan to build a major natural gas pipeline in North Florida. In 2013, Scott signed into law two bills designed to speed up permitting for a controversial, 474-mile natural gas pipeline that’s to run from Alabama and Georgia to a hub in Central Florida, south of Orlando.

A coalition of environmental, community and animal welfare groups sued the Environmental Protection Agency Wednesday in an effort to push the Obama administration to reduce air pollution, including greenhouse gases, from enormous livestock feeding lots that supply most of the country's meat, milk and eggs.

If you listen to climate change skeptics, Earth's surface hasn't warmed appreciably in the last 15 years, and any "record" set last year is just the result of the planet doing what the planet naturally does.

The once-bustling oyster farm and sales shack at the end of the dirt road had the look of sudden abandonment.

Over the past several months, a thick carpet of green has spread across many Delta harbors and even open channels, making them the latest victims of California's historic drought.

While the pace of technological change can be mind boggling, the ideas behind the most innovative consumer products boil down to a few basic questions. Will it make your life easier? Does it solve a basic but vexing problem? And definitely this one: Will it inspire envy in your friends?

The White House is proposing to designate the oil-rich coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness permanently off limits to drilling.

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers show changes in magnetic waves may indeed affect loggerheads’ egg-laying locales.

Catherine Scott explores amazing arachnids in her blog, SpiderBytes.

Google has stopped producing Google Glass in its current form. You’ll no longer be able to spend $1,500 for a semi-functional and socially controversial face computer.

Dr. John Ragsdale, medical director of the Duke Family Medicine Center, explains whether there is any scientific evidence to support the old advice to “feed a cold, starve a fever.”

Eating walnuts may help you think faster, remember more.

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