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Boots are enjoying a golden age, no longer relegated only to fall and winter, rain or snow. Instead of a few pairs, women now possess “more of a boot wardrobe,” says Brittany Moeller, a women’s buyer for Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse.

We took a look through Instagram for boots (yes, of COURSE we're including booties) and how people have been styling them around Charlotte in recent months. (We're on Instagram @CLT_Style; tag us to share your own best boot looks.)

Celebrity stylist Tameka Raymond leads a fashion workshop, a new vintage store in Charlotte opens, and more.

Grazia Walker traveled the world before moving to Charlotte in 1013, where she teaches Italian.

Women love that riding boots look equally great with skinny jeans, a swingy dress, or apres yoga with a wrap sweater. They became an emblem of success women wanted to display with casual confidence.

"Twilight" star Kristen Stewart stunned crowds at Chanel's Paris couture show Tuesday, revealing an edgy bob in a white Chanel sleeveless mini-dress that showed the 24-year-old is fashion savvy beyond her age.

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