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Three years ago, Republican lawmakers balked at a deal put forward by Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue to offer a company cash incentives to lure 1,300 jobs to North Carolina. Now, with a Republican governor at the helm, some GOP lawmakers want to expand state incentives and create a so-called "closing fund" that will allow cash grants to large corporations that promise to add jobs.

Conflict over disclosure of charter-school salaries flared anew Thursday as House Democrats said a Senate-approved bill shields for-profit management companies from revealing who they hire and how much they pay.

The N.C. Senate gave tentative approval Wednesday to a 2.5 percent cap on local sales taxes that would deny Mecklenburg County a fall referendum on increasing teacher pay.

A North Carolina Senate committee Tuesday endorsed a measure that could prevent Mecklenburg County voters from approving a quarter-cent sales tax increase to supplement the pay of local teachers. The measure caps local sales taxes at 2.5 percent – Mecklenburg’s current rate. County commissioners last month had scheduled a November referendum on additional money to help teachers, Central Piedmont Community College, the arts and libraries.

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